I had an interesting experience about 15 minutes ago. I wanted to go out to Chipotle for some lunch, but didn’t want to spend the 45 minutes it would take to drive there, stand in the always long line, and drive back. So I said to the universe (more as an after thought), “Could I please be there and back in under 30 minutes?” I got in the car and had no traffic getting there. I immediately found a decent parking spot (quite the find). And when I walked inside, there was no line. I walked right up to the counter, ordered and was out in five minutes. I thought to myself, “Holy Smokes!!! I could it back in under 20 minutes! I was really happy, until I caught myself thinking, “Since I have time to kill, maybe I could poke my head in that store just to look around…..” The universe had given me what I had asked for, and I was willing to completely toss it away for nothing. Thankfully, I continued to my car and have now spent the last 28 minutesĀ  thanking the universe for responding to my request and thanking me for allowing the request to be granted.

Do you unconsciously sabotage your own success? Do you request things of Family, Friends, or your higher power then not allow it to be, and then get upset at the person, the higher power or yourself for it not happening?

We’re so good at upset, of many forms, to disrupt our lives. If it’s not directly in front of us, we’ll turn over the proverbial apple cart to make ourselves, and those around us, upset. Some of us just can’t allow ourselves to be happy, not for long anyway. Happiness is not bad. Happiness is good. And the more we allow ourselves to be happy, the more happiness will find us. Yes, we may still have bad days, but why should we create them?

I’m learning to be grateful for being happy, and not feel like I have to excuse it, explain it or extinguish it. I want to be happier in my life. So, I choose calm, and peace, and ease. I feel better that way.