Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Disorder (TBI) have been in the news quite a bit during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As our brave men and women serving in the military are exposed to one or repeated explosions, and as they dutifully serve multiple tours in combat, the incidents of PTSD and TBI are on the rise in alarming rates. Estimates of PTSD and TBI among returning military personnel range from 300-500,000. This is an alarming rate.

It is no wonder why the VA system is experiencing significant delays for PTSD and TBI treatment at it’s facilities. The Pentagon has recognized this growing problem and is taking dramatic steps to deal with the symptoms of PTSD and TBI. One treatment option that the military has embraced is acupuncture.

“Bologna,” you say in disbelief. “That stuff doesn’t really work!”

I respond by pointing you to the following Youtube video of a Marine receiving acupuncture at Fort Leatherneck in Afghanistan.

I also could refer you to the hundreds of grateful servicemen and women at (then) Walter Reed Hospital who I treated with acupuncture and shiatsu massage.

It is a fact that acupuncture can alleviate the symptoms of PTSD and TBI. And whether you receive treatment from me, your local VA hospital, or at Fort Leatherneck doesn’t really matter to me. My only wish, my plea, to all servicemen and women is that you seek out and receive treatment somewhere.

You’ve served this country. Now let us serve you by helping you to get your life back. You can be free from the nightmares, the flashbacks, the drinking, the pain, the white-knuckle tight-jawed edginess that has you constantly looking for the closest exit. You can breathe easy again, truly laugh again, and feel peace again.

You deserve this. Let us help.