Symptoms As Teachers in Acupuncture and Shiatsu

What do my symptoms mean?

Ask yourself, what do my symptoms mean? Let your symptoms be your teachers.  Understanding the root causes of your symptoms is a critical part of the healing process.  Your body is wise.  Along with the acupuncture treatments, we work with you to understand the reasons why you are experiencing aches, pains, or illnesses.  Paying attention to the symptoms,  their root causes, and working to alleviate them in partnership with acupuncture can lead you to a better life. How are symptoms teachers?  Think about it.

  • What can headaches tell you about the stress you may be experiencing?
  • What can your digestive issues tell you about your diet?
  • What are your sleep irregularities possibly telling you about your lifestyle?
  • How is the back pain you are experiencing linked to posture or a sedentary lifestyle.?

By becoming more aware of your symptoms; by making conscious choices about your life; and by taking charge of your own healing; you will be able to, in a sense, stop illness before it happens.  In this way, your symptoms are your teachers — a guide to prevention and wellness.