I love Summer. If it weren’t for the heat and humidity, summer would be my favorite time of year!

I love taking my shoes off and walking through the grass. I love going to the beach. I love hiking the mountains and in the woods. I love playing Corn Hole. I love getting my feet wet in a stream. I love driving with the windows down feeling the wind blow through my hair (what’s left of it, anyway!).  I love having friends and family over for cook outs. I love tending our garden. I just love being outside!

After a winter of quiet introspection, and a spring of energy and vision, summer is the time of action and warmth. The seeds that we planted, both figuratively and literally, are now beginning to bear fruit. And as we continue to tend this fruit, it’s important to remember to tend ourselves. In the same way that the winter cold and darkness kept us in, the summer warmth and light draws us out!

Allow yourself to be warmed by the sun! Not only does this produce Vitamin D in your body, it literally warms your soul. We all have an energetic fire burning inside of us. It’s our furnace, our engine, our motivator, and our love-light.  The summertime is our opportunity to refuel this fire through activity, joy, and laughter. This is the time for us to feed our Hearts with love and desire.

Let yourself to play like a child! Give yourself permission to laugh uncontrollably and love unconditionally. Take the time to smell the flowers and taste the fruit. The summer is the best time to take advantage of these energies.

And don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

Here is a link for one of our favorite summer meals: