Thanks to all clients who have provided testimonials of support.  We truly value your feedback.

I highly recommend Kevin Turner!  The improvement I see in myself and my family since going to him is amazing. He is especially good at working with teenagers!

Stephanie - Laurel, MD

I had an initial consult with Kevin Turner, and based on that I decided to try acupuncture to help me quit smoking and for pain management. I haven’t smoked in 6 months and my knee feels a lot better.

Rob - Columbia, MD

I was experiencing a number of complex health issues when I met Kevin. He gently nurtured the mind, body, and spirit during each session. I truly believe I would have been bed ridden due to my ailments had it not been for this approach. This journey has been amazing!


Dear Kevin,

When I decided to begin acupuncture, I approached the experience with hope that it would heal my hip and with curiosity about how such a process could work. I never expected to feel transformed. I never expected to regain my faith- in myself, my life, and in a greater good in the world. I never expected that I would finally learn what I had been seeking for over a decade: a way to change my inner monologue from one of negativity and hopelessness to one of optimism and faith…Thank you Kevin for giving me hope and faith. There are few gifts that could surpass what you have given me.

Leslie - Laurel, MD

I am more balanced, happy and healthier over all.


I was in a lot of pain when I first started acupuncture. [Getting treatments from Kevin] has been part of a multi pronged approach to overall pain management that has had a really positive impact on [my] pain levels and overall feelings of well being.


My health before receiving acupuncture was not good. [I had] occasional knee and back pain, but more important my emotional health was not good at all. I had been to counseling in the past, but I kept finding myself falling back in my “dark place”. After seeing Kevin, I noticed a definite improvement in my knee and back. Also my emotional state improved greatly. Kevin gave me new perspectives and many tools I can use to help me find the good in myself. Kevin has helped me pull out the courage in me I never knew I had.


Dear Kevin,

Three months ago, I received a note from you shortly after my first session. You wrote how you looked forward to being on this journey with me. I didn’t realize the magnitude of what one word would mean in my life. I would like to give you thanks for accompanying me on the journey so far. Physically you have helped to take away my pain and fatigue. Mentally, you have helped reduce my anxiety and depression. Spiritually and metaphysically you have helped with the most significant changes. You have helped me to find my balance in life. You have helped me to slow down and observe what I am feeling and why I am feeling it in order to understand it. I feel like I am only at the edge of the mountiain cliff getting ready to soar and you have helped me step up to that edge. You have amazing gifts and I thank you and appreciate your sharing with me. I continue to look forward to the journey ahead and am glad to have you as a traveling companion!!


I had chronic pain and fatigue along with depression and anxiety. My health now after working with Kevin is remarkably better. My physical pain is greatly reduced. He has also helped me to find a centeredness and contentment I haven’t had in my entire adult life. The offerings he has given me have helped me to challenge myself and find true happiness.

Stephanie B.